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Our Story


Grounded Design is a boutique interior design studio that is specialized in High-end Residential, Commercial and Hospitality projects. The studio was founded in 2017 by Bani Singh who is building on her Scandinavian heritage by creating perfectly balanced designs. The base is Grounded Design.


The Grounded Design team is consisting of highly creative individuals who are committed to apply best practice international standards to our projects. For every client, our teams compose the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and personality, in order to create an authentic and sophisticated design.


Bani Singh

Grounded Design is the brainchild of Bani Singh. Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, Bani came to design through a nontraditional path.


While studying to achieve a degree in sociology, then spending ten years working in the children’s rights field, design was always Bani’s passion. So in 2017 she took a leap of faith and started her own interior design business.

Building on her background in sociology, Bani designs homes that reflect the person’s personality and style, where the home becomes an extension of the person themselves. Grounded Design is now working with discerning and appreciative clients all throughout Dubai.

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Our Team

We are proud to have a group of dynamic, passionate team members from around the globe who bring in a large variety of different skills & specialties to the Grounded Design world. 

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