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We consider every design to be bespoke and unique. Understanding our clients, personality, their wishes & lifestyle makes us go above and beyond deliverables to ensure our clients feel enriched, inspired and supported.

ID028_Kitchen and Family view 01.jpg

Grounded Estates

We are very proud to present you with one of our ongoing projects that is part of our Grounded Estates master projects.

By creating a concept that is based on the purity of nature we integrated international sophistication into the interior while providing inviting areas where the incredible view can be enjoyed.

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Downtown Apartment

One of our recent completed projects is this Downtown Apartment located in the Index Tower in Dubai. The brief was to create a unique and elegant interior with a contemporary monochromatic palette. The apartment has a considerable layout, a lofty-inspired interior, and impressive symmetrical lines that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the apartment. 

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